618 Scallop Powder
618 Scallop Powder
618 Scallop Powder

618 Scallop Powder

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■What's is 618


ペットや赤ちゃんのいるご家庭でも安心してお使い頂けます。また、デリケートな素材のお洗濯にも適しています。 本製品は食品添加物グレードのパウダーですので食品の洗浄にもお使い頂けます。水洗いだけでは落ちない、お米や野菜についた残留農薬を除去する他、食中毒の原因となる大腸菌やサルモネラ菌、o-157、肌荒れの原因となる黄色ブドウ球菌なども洗浄・除菌します。キッチン用品・ベビー用品・衣服や靴の洗浄・除菌・消臭、キッチンの油汚れやリビングの床や家具などの掃除に、入浴剤の代わりなど多様にお使いいただけます。





618 scallop powder 100% Natural and Made in Japan. 

Washing, disinfecting and deodorizing powder made of scallop shells. 

[FEATURES] The 618 scallops are sun dried and dried for more than three years, washed, cleaned, and then heated and baked into a powder. The powder turns into alkaline (PH12) after dissolving in water and has strong cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing and antibacterial effects. It's work is more powerful and safer than baking soda. It removes agricultural chemical remains on vegetable and rice, chlorine from pipe water, germs and O-157 which cause good poisoning. The amount used is only 1g per 1 liter of water (= 1 spoonful of 618 Scallop Powder measuring spoon)* Spoon sold separately The powder is multi-purpose and can be used wash food, kitchen goods, for cleaning, laundry as well as for babies and pet.When washing vegetables etc, put water in a bowl and a single pinch of the powder. In the case of laundry, just put in 3g (= 3 spoons) of powder. The leftover powdered water helps clean the drains and rivers as it returns back to nature. It is an environment, people and animal friendly cleansing, disinfectant, deodorant powder. It can bring great savings on laundry detergents, housekeeping detergents as well as indirectly benefitting the environment. 

[SPECS] - Contents: 150g - Outer bag: Plastic - As a bath salt : 3 to 5 spoon of for 200 liter of water - Cleaning and disinfecting of kitchen utensils, cleaning and disinfecting of foods : 1 spoon for 1 liter of water - As a baby wipe : 1/2 spoon for 1 liter of water - Cleaning of baby bottles, etc. : 1 spoon for 1 liter of water - Cleaning and deodorization of pets and pet supplies : 1 spoon for 1 liter of water - Laundry : 3-5 spoons - Cleaning : 1 spoon for 1 liter of water 


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